ClearCorrect Invisible Braces in Hayward

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ClearCorrect is an effective and increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal braces for teens and adults with common bite conditions or teeth alignment problems.

If you live in the Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro or Union City areas, experienced dentist and ClearCorrect provider Dr. Gary G. Fong can assess your individual needs and help you determine if this revolutionary form of clear braces is right for you. Please call 510-582-8727 to schedule your personal consultation.

Conditions ClearCorrect can Treat

ClearCorrect may be used to treat many of the same conditions as metal braces, including:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

For more information about how ClearCorrect compares with standard braces, please see our ClearCorrect vs. Traditional Metal Braces page.

The ClearCorrect Process

If you and Dr. Fong decide that ClearCorrect is the best choice to bring your smile into proper alignment, impressions and images of your teeth will be taken in order to create three-dimensional models of your mouth and map out your adjustment plan.

Using state-of-the-art technology, ClearCorrect will then create a series of custom-made aligners to progressively shift your teeth into position. Your aligners are crafted of clear, dental-grade plastic and fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth.

Your ClearCorrect aligners are changed periodically for the next set as your teeth gradually move into the desired alignment. Although you must wear your aligners throughout the day to achieve results, they are easily removable for eating, drinking and dental hygiene, and they are virtually unnoticeable while in place.

The Convenience of ClearCorrect

Without bite correction, many of the conditions treatable with ClearCorrect can contribute to further dental health problems. Yet many patients avoid treatment because they believe that metal braces are the only option, and they dread the long-term commitment that requires dietary restrictions and frequent office visits for uncomfortable adjustments—and then there are the unsightly brackets and wires.

ClearCorrect is designed to fit the active lifestyles of teenagers and adults with minimal impact on your appearance and daily routine. Your follow-up appointments are brief and intermittent, and they are intended to monitor your progress and provide you with your new set of aligners.

Because ClearCorrect aligners are removable for meals and cleaning, you can maintain your regular diet. And the aligners themselves are practically invisible, so most people won’t even notice that you’re having your teeth straightened.

To learn more about the benefits of ClearCorrect for grown-ups, please see ClearCorrect Teeth Alignment for Adults.

If you’re considering bite correction and would like to know if you’re a candidate for ClearCorrect, please contact Dr. Gary G. Fong. Dr. Fong welcomes patients from the greater Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro and Union City, California, areas.