Are Whitening Strips Safe to Use?

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Among the store-bough whiteners, strips tend to be the least expensive and easiest to use. However, whitening strips are also the least effective and most potentially damaging of the take-home tooth whitening products.

The bleaching solution in whitening strips is no different than that in any other at-home kit. However, the inconsistent application and high potential for overuse can allow whitening strips to cause severe gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. What’s more, strips do not easily conform to teeth, often making their results inconsistent and unbecoming.

The best way to whiten teeth is with the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Professional teeth whitening is not only faster and more effective, it can help reduce risks such as sensitivity and irritation. Better still, when you choose a cosmetic dentist for your teeth whitening you can expect consistent results and the brightest and most beautiful smile possible.

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