Foods that Aid in Cavity Prevention

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Researches at Al Khiday 2, a 2,000 year old burial site in Central Sudan, have discovered something rather remarkable: of the remains in this site, less than one percent show any signs of tooth decay. This is a remarkable accomplishment for any pre-Mesolithic people. Oddly enough, this unusual level of dental health is not being attributed to brushing and flossing, but to the purple nutsedge – a grass native to the area.

Apples and other fruits can help you maintain optimal oral healthIn California we consider the purple nutsedge to be a weed and not one Hayward dentist Dr. Gary Fong would suggest eating. However, there are several delicious foods that can help keep teeth healthy and strong, and can easily be incorporated into nearly any diet.

Foods that help provide phosphorus and calcium can assist in strengthening enamel. These include dairy products, chicken, fish, and nuts. Crunchy fruits and vegetables do not provide mineral content, but they can help stimulate saliva flow, which is necessary for washing away food particles. Fruits also make a fantastic sweet treat and serve as an ideal alternative for tooth-harming sodas and candies.

Of course, food alone cannot be relied on to prevent cavities. Combining a healthy diet with a consistent dental hygiene routine is the surest way to keep your natural teeth strong, healthy, and beautiful for a lifetime.

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