National Tooth Fairy Day

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Many parents have used the Tooth Fairy, as a way to reward/excite children. What parents might not realize, is that the Tooth Fairy can be used as a tool to get children excited about their oral health starting at an early age. Interest in the Tooth Fairy sparks a light within your child and opens the door for parents to use this opportunity as a teaching tool. In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, here are a few suggestions for ways to use the Tooth Fairy to teach your kids about good dental habits.

Introduce the tooth Fairy early on:

Before your child tarts losing teeth, teach them about the importance of brushing/flossing. Let them know that healthy teeth make the Tooth Fairy very happy. If your child is giving you trouble, remind them that the Tooth Fairy is watching over and only like healthy teeth free of “bugs” or cavities. Does this tactic sound familiar? Think Santa Claus and his naughty or nice list. Kids are enchanted by the idea of all things magical. The Tooth Fairy can be used to get them excited and interested in taking care of their teeth from an early age.

Leave a note re-enforcing good habits/give oral health gifts:

When you were a kid did you ever receive a letter from Santa or the Tooth Fairy? If so, then you know just how exciting of an experience this can be. The thought of someone so special taking the time to write to you can make any child smile. So take this advice and write your child a letter. Highlight anything you think they should know about dental health and review the importance of brushing and flossing. Give them words of encouragement and let them know that their hard work is not going unnoticed. In most scenarios, the Tooth Fairy will leave cash in exchange for your child’s tooth however there are other options for parents who want a change. For example, consider gifting a toy. Or what about a new toothbrush or flavorful toothpaste?

Whatever you decide, your child will love and cherish these special memories.

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