Breast Cancer and Gum Disease

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Advanced gum disease increases risks for breast cancer. If you have symptoms of gum disease, call Hayward dentist Dr. Gary Fong at 510-582-8727 for a treatment evaluation todayA new study has found that postmenopausal women with gum disease are at higher risk for breast cancer. This risk increases significantly in women who smoke cigarettes, though genetic factors do not seem to play a role. If you are postmenopausal and you have gum disease, please call 510-582-8727 to schedule a treatment consultation with Hayward dentist Dr. Gary Fong.

Symptoms of gum disease that should be brought to Dr. Fong’s attention include:

  • Red or swollen gum tissue
  • Gums that bleed when brushed
  • A chronic bad taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath that will not respond to brushing
  • Receding gum line

These issues are often an indication of gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease that is relatively simple to treat. When allowed to progress however, gingivitis will become periodontitis – and it is this advanced form of the disease that is linked to serious health risks.

Risks of Gum Disease

In addition to breast cancer, gum disease is a known risk factor for cancer of the esophagus, pancreas, and lungs. Periodontitis also increases risks for heart disease, hypertension, liver and kidney failure, and a number of other systemic diseases. If you have gum disease, prompt treatment is the most effective way to reduce your risks for these complications.

Have you begun to notice symptoms of gum disease? Please contact Gary G. Fong, DDS today to schedule an evaluation at our East Bay area office.